Worlds Incorporated

Board of Directors

Bernard Stolar

Mr. Stolar's previous positions include Executive Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment America; President, and Chief Operating Officer of Sega of America; and President of Mattel Interactive. Mr. Stolar assisted in the launch of the Sony Playstation and managed the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast platform launches.

Robert Fireman, Esq.

Mr. Fireman was a founder and former Director and General Manager of SmartSource Direct, Inc., a subsidiary of News America Marketing (News Corp). Mr. Fireman was responsible for the development, marketing and distribution of card-based loyalty, financial, and database products services in retail, grocery and drug store chains encompassing over 50,000 stores throughout the U.S.

Thomas Kidrin President/CEO

Thom is Responsible for defining corporate vision, implementation of management structures, oversight of product development, licensing, marketing/sales, domestic and international business products and services.

Former Managing Director – Sun Mobile Games Ltd. a 2003 early entrant in Mobile gaming and M-wallet payment systems.

Former Managing Director – Datastream Card Services Ltd. a U. K. Corporation – engaged in the issuance and processing of stored value and debit card-based products for interactive micro payment processing on the internet.

Mr. Kidrin was founder and President of The College Television Network sold to MTV, currently MTVU, an interactive entertainment/advertising networks in public venues and the largest private commercial television network on university campuses in the U.S.

Co-founder Motown Interactive, a 3rd party publisher for Nintendo and Sega, focused on the development of the first ethnically based entertainment titles emphasizing the integration of music as a predominant gaming element: Rap Jam with NWA; Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E and MC Ren.

President and Co-founder of American Softworks Corporation, a Nintendo, Sony and Sega third party licensee.

Executive Producer of 1st live action Laser disc based arcade games and system; Eon and the Time Tunnel and Atomic Castle 1983.